Our mission is to deliver innovative skincare products sourced directly from Mother Nature, without using additional chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

To enhance the skin with effective solutions that promote health, antiaging and nutritional benefits.

The founders of Kalahari Rose have always been inspired by Mother Nature where everything works together in harmony and order. We have created a skincare product line that embody our mother earth, based on this philosophy, bringing immense values and nutrients to the skin.
As our bodies are part of nature, chemicals and synthetic based products are alien and unhealthy for us. Kalahari Rose’s products are innovative and make your skin happy. We lovingly combine over one hundred certified organic oils from all over the world, collecting nature’s wonders. Oils from fruits, vegetables, berries, and seeds; and from the ocean algae and seaweed. We formulate these amazing ingredients into our skincare to bring all this beauty to your skin. These combinations of oils are healthy and effective for all skin types.