Kalahari Rose

Scalp & Hair Serum


Introducing Kalahari Rose Dewy Hair Serum, an all-natural solution for healthy, shiny hair. Made with premium oils, it nourishes scalp & hair, promotes growth and controls frizz. Suitable for all hair types, use it daily or as a pre-styling protectant. Achieve salon-worthy hair with Kalahari Rose Dewy Hair Serum. Order yours today!

Application Areas

Scalp and hair


Rejuvenates brittle lifeless hair, provides moisture, nourishes hair shaft, stimulates blood flow, stimulates the hair follicle, hydrates hair, helps promote faster healthier hair growth, provides conditioning and moisturizing to the scalp and hair, hydrates follicles from the inside out, seals split ends, helps treat dry scalp and dandruff.

Use pump pipette to distribute serum onto part line of dry hair. Gently massage into scalp. Repeat this creating new part lines and applying more serum until scalp is evenly covered, Massage gently and brush through hair. Apply some more to ends of hair. Leave on hair a few hours. Shampoo and follow with regular conditioning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Less breakage!

Going into winter and living in a dry environment I always struggle with extremely dry hair and breakage. This serum has helped my hair stay hydrated and noticeably reduced the breakage!!

Krista Nelson
Improved My Dandruff

This really helped my scalp to not be so dry. After just one use, I noticed I struggled less from dandruff!

Sarah Bringhurst

As a curly girl, I am pretty picky about the products I use on my hair, but this serum is AMAZING. I've noticed less frizz near my scalp and my hair feels more hydrated.

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